Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Decline of Creativity

As every artist comes to struggle with at random times during their life, I have been plagued with the disease known as "artist's block". This detrimental item comes, at least to me, with various lazy, ill-motivating, and down right unenjoyable symptoms.

  1. Unexplainable, Suffocating Fatigue - There is nothing more aggravating than feeling like a dead lump of wasted skin as you sleep your what could have been productive days away. Instead of working on my novels, constructing artwork and illustrations, or even writing a post for my role playing website, I find myself intimate with my pillow on more occasions than not - and my alarm clock is very jealous of this affair.
  2. Head-ache Inducing Boredom - I despise boredom. Yet, I can't fix it when I don't have the motivation to get off my rear end to do a single thing. Yes, I still ride and get a work out there every other day, however, while at home I merely stare at the ceiling or walls. I'm starting to become skeptical about whether they will start trying to talk to me. Crazy, I know.
  3. Unavoidable, Instant Rages - Seeing as I hate artist's block, lack of motivation, and all symptoms relating to said items, I find myself incredibly angry with myself, and tend to make rash decisions I would have rather avoided. But what can I do? Its like a circle. Every symptom falls back on itself in this carousel of uselessness, and its not planning on winding down to a stop. Nope. The gay music of nostalgia just drones one like some dying animal.
I think I've made my point quite clear with just these three examples as to how irritating such blocks can be; and the fact its stopping both my art and writing just irks me all the more. I do hope it returns soon.

How do you deal with these times? Force yourself through it? Wait for it to pass? Please feel free to share.

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