Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Blog, New Start

Some of you may recognize me! Well, me being a silly, distracted nineteen year old lost the login information to my last blog, and whenever I successfully logged into Blogger it sent me here. Might as well start anew, right? Maybe it was some crazy way of some higher being telling me to just start over and fresh.

Here we are! For the next few days I don't expect very many things for this blog. I'll just write to write, blog to blog, review to review, and rant to rant. You'll all see the sides of me that my family and friends fail to on a regular basis. However, one must know that if they hold in all their emotions all of the time that it'll destroy them.

What's better to let out some steam than some good ranting on a blog? Grab your popcorn, adjust your 3D glasses, because we're about to get real.

Welcome to the life of an aspiring writer, horse back rider, and sophomore college student.

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