Saturday, July 28, 2012

Warrior Dash 2012

Warrior Dash. 2012.

Where to start? Well, I suppose the fact that this was my first Warrior Dash... ever. I had only heard about this 3+ mile obstacle course that was basically a hop, skip, and a jump away from our house last year around this time when my friend Katie, pictured above third person in from the left, told me about her experience. Needless to say, this time I joined in (furthest left) with our friends and family.

For those unfamiliar with Warrior Dash, as I had been up until recently, its quite simple. Armed with only the clothes on your back and the shoes on your feet, you take off on a timed track through the wilderness where several obstacles are placed in your path to test your ability as a "warrior". From swimming through small bodies of water to a test of balance, running down a sand pit to scale a mound on the other side, and crawling under barbed wire in mud up to your chin you see it all.

Oh. Did I mention the main attraction? Mud. Lots of it. Near the end of the trek - and I do say it is a trek, at this point I was ready for a nice warm shower and bath - we trudged through waist deep, black mud. At this point I was forced to bid adieu to my aqua shoes as they were sucked mercilessly off my feet and sacrificed to the Warrior Dash Mud gods. So, without any other means of escape (oops, did I say that?) I jogged onward with Katie towards the final obstacles: a nice rope wall...

Several BURNING objects.... (go ahead and laugh, I know its ridiculous myself).

And a quick swim through a mud bog covered with a canopy of barbed wire!

All with a head cold! YAY!

Cray cray, I know. But fun, and very much worth it! I recommend it to everyone who has a Warrior Dash hosted in their state. Don't worry your pretty heads! You can always skip an obstacle you're not comfortable with, and don't have to be in shape - just take my word on that one, ha-ha. All in all, I forced myself through the 85 degrees, sunny, hot day through mud, water, more mud, and sand for a silly medal.

But I'm damn proud. More pictures to come, hopefully! For now, I need to rest up for a date I have with the bestie tomorrow (among attempting to rid myself of this silly head cold). Goodnight, my dears!

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