Friday, July 27, 2012


What best way to celebrate the birth of a new blog other than getting to know the face behind the screen?

Firstly, my name is Hailee and I am a girl of many passions. The first and foremost passion is horse back riding. I've been a part of the prestigious sport since I was eight years old, topping off my many years of experience at nearly twelve. Wow. That's almost a shocker to me! I've had one big partner during the whole time; my red dun quarter horse Kid. He's my baby, whether he likes the attention or not, and one of my best friends. For a few years he was joined by a flea bitten gray half-Arabian named Dover. These two wonderful boys have taken me to the top, and we maintained out position there for several years. Now, I ride a wonderful dark bay Hanovarian named Malone. Though I don't necessarily own him myself, I love him all the same.

Second on my list of passions is writing (explaining this blog, I suppose). My life goal is to be a published author - even if its just for one single book. I don't really care! As long as my books, my work, my worlds even, are on the shelves for others to enjoy. Due to these aspirations, I'm majoring in English with a Writing Specialization at my current learning establishment, the University of Michigan - Flint (wonderful campus, I assure you). Currently I'm working on three series. I know, crazy right?! Very. Anyways, I hope to eventually share snippets and references with you.

Lastly, my forgotten passion is art. I only say this because I haven't quite given it the time of day I would like. I haven't drawn in sometime. However, today I did start a piece of one of my lovely Wyvern (a form of dragon) characters named Katta. I hope to share with you all soon!

Obviously, the blog will surround these three main items. I can't promise reviews of video games, movies, and books won't pop up here and there - after all, I'm quite fond of the three! Haha.

That's all I have for today, other than I'm fighting one terrible head cold. For now, as Tobuscus of Youtube would put it: Bless your faee, and if you sneezed during this blog, bless you. Haha!

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