Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting it Together

As of recent my weekly schedule has taken a dramatic turn. I've found myself drowning under piles of homework for college, maintaining the same hours at work, as well as staying on top of my riding (and other horse chores as well). With a sinking feeling following my every step, there are just days I feel as if I'm going to have to drop something out, or cut myself back. Now, I'm somewhat of a greedy person and do have a good sense of priority, so I can obviously admit my horses would be the first set back.

However, I am unwilling to allow myself to give up on my horse back riding career (again) for the sake of time management in other aspects of my life. There are other people who are far busier than I, and they manage their lives just fine. How come I'm struggling? Well, I suppose that's why I'm deviating a plan of action.

Since school's started, I have the workload of twelve credit hours - six of them being freelance online courses. Now, online courses are God's way of showing us life isn't always far... I hate them. Not only does the workload seem incredibly back breaking, but the time management is hard to regulate as well. Each week is different; I may have appointments this week, more free time another. So, find a good flow of how and at what pace to do my work is difficult. However, I think I may have found my solution.

Over the next week I'm trying a new technique. For some reason, I thought that finishing my workload for my other classes first was going to be my saving grace - how silly. That left 3 days for 2 online courses with rigorous schedules. Instead, I'm reading all of my course material Monday through Wednesday, so that I can dedicate four days to the assignments. That's at least the rough skeleton - it may improve from there. However, I feel that if I can get my classwork on a regulated, balanced schedule I'd do better in the long run and have more time for myself.

That and I must be responsible and stop scheduling all my free time with other items - I need to make a mental note to leave space for riding. I hope during the next week I'll be able to find some extra relief in my daily life through this new plan. If not? I suppose I'll just have to start taking things off of my plate completely.

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