Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sad Truth

It's official it seems. I have to start making certain cut backs in my life - its the sad, sad truth that I'm no longer a free Willy teen any longer, and with that I have to start constructing a daily scheme that reflects my new responsibilities and actions.

My love for writing blossomed from my written role-play. I've been an avid, active role-player for over a decade now (I know, long time), and even managed to host and run one of the most active, award winning equine RP sites for several years. My beloved Withering Tales (the website), however, may be the first cut of many to come. I just can't take the stress it gives me, knowing that I can't be on as much as it requires me to be. How am I supposed to make sure it runs like a well oiled machine if I'm not there to oversee if all the pieces are moving correctly?

It's depressing to think that I'll be closing a home for my friends (members) and I, especially since the staff try their best to help keep WT on its feet. Yet...

How is it supposed to thrive? I very well don't want to hand it over to anyone, that'd just be very awkward for me seeing as I do plan on writing, and hopefully publishing, a book series about this magical place. I'm just so torn... I know a lot of my members will be very upset with me for closing the doors after almost six years, but I just don't see any other way around it.

I have to step up to the plate and accept what I can and cannot handle. And right now, this seems to be one of those spiraling roller coasters that's taking me for a ride that I just can't enjoy.

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