Friday, September 28, 2012

Phoenix Ashes

Despite my efforts to control my out of whack life, I've come to terms with my decisions and have closed my nearly six year old roleplaying website, Withering Tales.

That little piece of heaven on the internet was like my baby. I watched it grow when I first made it when I was fourteen years old (wow, didn't realize just how long ago was that) until now, were it was a blossoming, award-winning, substantial site. Of course, with my brief moment of neglect after starting school, its gusto waned and slowly it fell into a lull of inactivity and failed to receive the affection it deserved.

I'm incredibly sad to see it closed down. The amount of effort I poured forth in attempts to pull it through all of its struggles was a feat all its own. I'm going to miss it something fierce.

Though, like a Phoenix, from its ashes something new will grow. I now have time to focus on my own writings when not swamped with school work (seeing as that's gotten under control recently). Perhaps this is just what I needed to finally kick start my motivation towards my own novels. I'm excited to announce that I've actually started brainstorming two, both horse related (the book world is going to eat me up). One is a fantasy one, not entirely based around horses, but still quite focused on them, and the other actually a series in the baking process about Withering Tales - a sort of momento to myself and my lovely members to show them how much I did care, appreciate, and enjoy their friendships.

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